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Farm Field


My name is Chloe, and I live in the British countryside with my three active agility dogs; Teddy, Coco & Bing. After struggling to maintain their dental health and keeping them mentally stimulated, I was led to discover natural dog treats. I have since become passionate about their benefits with seeing the impact on my dogs. And so, after recently finishing my A-levels, I decided to launch Canine Chompers.


When first purchasing natural treats for my dogs, I was clueless about where to start, and had no idea about the benefits of each treat. And so I do not just sell treats, I want to help educate others about natural dog treats, providing you with the information and support that I feel has been missed. I have taken time to create a 'MENU' section on the website, which goes through all of the nutritional and practical benefits of each treat.

Being a dog owner and previous customer myself, I only want to provide you with the fast customer service and the best quality products.

Make the switch to natural treats, and become part of the Canine Chompers crew. Your dog will love you for it!





Founder & CEO

Paying her staff with natural treats, Chloe is a favourite in the Canine Chompers office. She is very passionate about ensuring tails are wagging, and providing the best service to dog owners across the UK.


Coco "The Fast Chomper"

Product Tester (Chew speed=7/10)

Coco is a Working Cocker Spaniel who likes to do things at 100mph. Whilst she may not be as fast as Bing, she is pretty efficient and usually wants to devour any treat in sight.


Bing "The Power Chomper"

Head Product Tester (Chew speed=9/10)

Bing is a Collie x Poodle. He needs a lot of mental stimulation, and usually powers through chews within the hour! Bing definitely means business. This makes him our ultimate tough chew tester.

Teddy Pizzle

Ted "The Steady Chomper"

Product Tester (Chew speed=5/10)

Ted is a Cockapoo, and likes to take more time to enjoy his treats. If you walk in the room, he will gladly hold up his treat trophy whilst wagging his tail. His colleagues may be twice as fast, but Ted gets twice the fun.